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by Sophie Castonguay

mandy wedding 330_peIf you are planning your wedding, you are probably seeking to provide your guests with a tasty meal or snack. If you want to offer them something special and unique, you will want to know what is trending right now as far as wedding food goes. First of all, while the traditional sit down catered 5 course meal will never go out of style, traditional buffets are no longer very popular. Here are five of the wedding food trends that are popular at the moment:


1) Farm to Table

The farm to table movement has been around for a while and blends so well with many wedding themes such as rustic, bohemian, vintage and whimsical. As far as food goes, farm-to-table means fresh, local, in season foods with a plant based flair. Basing your wedding menu around farm to table is perfect for outdoor weddings, winery weddings, farm weddings and backyard or forest wedding meals.


weddingfondue2) Food Bars

Are you a fan of ice cream sundaes, poutine, smores or burgers? Transform your favorite food  cravings into bars where your guests can customize their treat and truly enjoy their meal. You can take the concept of food bars and setup a variety of bars for your main meal or use the idea for your midnight snack. Here are just a few food bar ideas: taco bar, ice cream sundae bar, burger bar, popcorn bar, poutine bar, smores bar, chips and salsa bar…


3) Family style

While buffets are out, family style meals are the new solution to casual dining where everyone can help themselves to their favorites.  Generally, you can save money by going this route vs. individually plated meals and your guests won’t have to stand in line to fill up their plates. Plus, this style of eating creates community and encourages guests to engage in conversation. Choose a few of your favorite dishes to serve your guests and they can fill up their plate with their favorites and leave out the dishes they don’t particularly enjoy.


CakePopsforWedding4) Tasting Stations

This food station idea is similar to number 2 but it includes much more selection than just food bars. If you want to completely skip the sit down meal, tasting stations may be right up your alley plus they are very trendy right now. You could have a salad bar in one corner, a taco station in another corner, a food truck outside and an ice cream bar for dessert. What a great way to get your guests moving, socializing and enjoying custom delicious food at your wedding!


5) Mini Everything

When it comes to your wedding food, bigger is not always better. You don’t want your guests to be so stuffed after their meal that they doze off or don’t have the energy to get up and dance the night away. Plus, mini food is so much cuter! Think mini burgers, fish and chips in a paper cone a la English style or fruit parfaits in a mason jar. There is so much room for creativity with the concept of mini anything that the sky is the limit!


file00078736304As a new couple starting off married life together, you may be moving to a new house that needs remodeling or maybe you already live together but would like to start a fresh new life together as a married couple by remodeling your kitchen… Here are some tips and things to consider while planning your renovations…

Remodeling your kitchen can be a long and time consuming hassle. You have many things that have to be considered and they all cost money and they cost a lot of man hours to do them. One of these things that need to be well thought-out is all the electrical considerations that need to be handled in the kitchen and they need to be handled in a professional manner. There are a number of different rules and instructions when it comes to rewiring your kitchen and you must follow them for the safety of your family.

Some of the electrical considerations that you have to worry about are numerous, thanks to the fact that the kitchen uses the most electricity. One thing to keep in mind is to hire a professional. You do not want to start a project on your own, only to mess something up and cause more damage than before. You have to hire someone that will help you out. This will ultimately save time and money in the long run.

There are many things in the kitchen that will need their own outlet, so this is something to consider when doing your kitchen electrical remodel. Some of these things include; the microwave, refrigerator, oven, garbage disposal, lighting, and more. You want to make sure that you have enough outlets that one particular thing will not become overloaded with electricity and cause a fire.

Another thing to consider when doing your kitchen remodel with the electrical components is just how to place your outlets. There are certain requirements depending on the location of certain things, and how far the outlets are from the countertops. There should also be the consideration of if you put in an island in the kitchen or not. This then means you have to add outlets and wiring to it, and those outlets must follow regulations in order to keep your kitchen safe.

When you remodel your kitchen it is all about safety and having the proper electricity in the kitchen to power everything that you need. You must consider some of the things that you want in the kitchen, where they will go, and just who to hire to do them for you. You want to make sure that you are following the regulations that are provided for your state or jurisdiction and that you are forever keeping your house and your family safe and happy in your new kitchen.

If you are looking for a good electrician in Timmins, check out Great White Electrical Services on their website or call them at 705-262-6455

Have you ever considered making your own wedding bouquets? Sure, they are more work than simply ordering them from your local florist! But maybe the advantages of DIY Wedding Bouquets outweigh the sweat labor for you? The savings in cash and the pride of accomplishment perhaps have drawn you to look into making your own wedding bouquets. If you are wanting to make your own wedding bouquets, perhaps this infographic from Simply Bridal can guide you along…

DIY Bouquet lt

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