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LASERHAIRREMOVAL-02-01-300x271Countless people have complained about the unattractive hair on their bodies, especially brides and grooms preparing to be at their best on their wedding day,  yet they forget to try laser hair removal.


Know whether your technician is a medical professional with the necessary credentials to perform laser hair removal and assure that they are reliable.  Contrary to common belief, the procedure does take an amount of preparation beforehand on the part of the patient.  For a little over a month before the removal takes place, there cannot be any plucking or waxing of hair because it temporarily takes away hair roots which are the primary targets of the laser during the process.  Another important step is avoiding too much exposure to sunlight for a month before and after treatment since it reduces the impact of the laser hair removal, as well as creating risks afterward.


The actual procedure during laser hair removal is the apex of importance.  Moreover, the hair that is undergoing removal will be trimmed and the laser will be set for optimal results by conforming to the skin color, hair color, and hair thickness of the patient.  The doctor ought to offer eye protection for the procedure, then apply a cold gel or cream to ensure that the light gets through the skin.  A test should be conducted to see that the light does not cause any negative effects, then begins using the light on the areas of hair for removal.  After finishing, the patient might be given an ice pack, cream to prevent swelling, and/or cold water.


Sometimes, days after the procedure could include burning skin which you can relieve by placing ice packs and applying moisturizers on.  Over the course of the following month, the hair will gradually fall out and you need to use sunscreen to protect from changing color.  Some people have more side effects than others, including rashes, inflammation, and blisters.


After undergoing the process, the patient can return for another session 4-6 weeks later and repeat the procedure until the hair permanently stops growing.  The benefits of laser hair removal typically involve the knowledge that the hair will not return after a certain number of sessions and each appointment has a rapid treatment with accurate lasers.  Another perk is that patients can return to daily activities the next day, although they will receive instructions for taking good care of their skin until the next session.  The costs also depend on the number of sessions and the area of treatment.



Check out the professionals at Moorea BodySense Clinique in Timmins, Ontario where achieving beautiful, silky smooth skin is now easier than ever. Call them at 705 531 1500 or get more information on their website here: Laser Hair Removal at Moorea BodySense Clinique

physio3There are few people in the world today that have not heard about the latest exercise trend; Pilates. While not everyone enjoys this form of exercise, there are many people who can benefit from it, and many that really enjoy using it to decompress and center themselves after a long day. It is a great way to improve your flexibility, build your core strength, and even help you work on your stamina and endurance for other exercises you may do in your life. One of the things you have to work on in Pilates is breathing and controlling that while balancing. It is a great way to work out many parts of the body at the same time.

Seniors Pilates is a growing trend among the community. There are plenty of reasons that older men and women could get on board with practicing the techniques that are taught in classes. It is a great way for them to exercise and get fit while not over working their joints and muscles. It helps them increase their balance, strength, and overall health, leaving them to lead healthier and longer lives.

Pilates is generally seen as an exercise for women, but men can become just as involved with Pilates. Men’s Pilates is a great way for them to improve their flexibility, even if they are already an athlete. It is wonderful because they can discover that they are able to strengthen different muscles while using Pilates than when they work out at the gym. It is also a great way for them to develop better core strength, which helps in their other exercise regimes.

Pilates for kids is also becoming more popular in recent years. Kid’s Pilates is actually one of the best ways to get them fit at a young age. They can develop they flexibility and strength they will need later on in life, by starting young. It is a great way of also strengthening their immune systems if they are sick a lot, and helping them to learn how to be healthy without putting them into sports.

Pilates is truly one of the best exercise and fitness programs that can benefit every single person that is involved. From the young to the old, and everyone in between, everyone can improve their balance, strength, and flexibility by taking a class and getting involved in this program. You will see some major changes in many aspects of your life once you do.

If you want to get toned, flexible and in perfect shape for your wedding, consider Pilates at The Movement Studio in Timmins. Get more information on their website here: The Movement Studio or call them at 705-360-1400

seitan-saltado-smIn recent years, there has been a new movement going around that aims to better connect farmers to consumers. This movement is known as the local food movement. Simply put, the goal is to get local farmers or other food producers connected with the people who consume that food, all in one geographic location. So when you have small farming communities, it is the goal of the movement to get those farmers to sell directly to those consumers, and letting them get the pick of some of the freshest ingredients around.

The local food movement is a great way of simplifying the chain of command in food production. Because of this, food will end up traveling less distance than it would before, touching fewer hands, and being brought to the people at a freshness that can only be rivaled by growing it in their own backyards instead. The movement allows for consumers to pay for better produce at lower prices, simply because they are buying it direct from the food producers.

mandy wedding 330_peOne way of promoting buying and eating local food is setting up farmers markets or other types of produce fairs in a certain region. By allowing the food producers to bring their goods direct to the people, these people can then pick from some of the best around. This goes for more than just produce. Many farmers markets see artisanal honey, cheese, baked goods and more. They can give the local people something they may not find somewhere else, and it will be cheaper than going to the store to pick it up anyway.

With so many people needing to switch their diet and find a better and healthier lifestyle, the local food movement gives them an opportunity to do just that. With some of the freshest ingredients around, people can now eat food that is hormone free, has not been processed, and is at its peak freshness quality. Wedding receptions and other special events are the ideal place to showcase local food to guests from the area and from far away.

Many provinces and states around the nation are setting up campaigns and are trying to get the movement seen and widely spread around. The hope is that by educating people on the alternatives to relying on grocery stores or major companies to provide the food we eat, they realize that they can dcheflogosave money and eat better by eating and buying locally. While it still is slow going, it is definitely picking up speed in many parts of the country. Soon, more people will know about it, and it will ultimately go to make a better nation of consumers.

For delicious local food prepared by a local chef, check out Diane at D!Chef www.dchef.ca or call her at 705.262.7658

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