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Welcome to the  Wedding Timmins Website! Whether you are getting married this year or in the next years, this site will help you with all aspects of planning your wedding  in Timmins, the city with the heart of gold.

You will find information to help you with all your wedding decisions from choosing  a caterer, a florist, a wedding cake baker, a venue, bridal gowns, hairdressers,  to churches and mariage licenses.  This site also lists vendors and gives informtion about choosing each of these providers: jewellery, honeymoons, favors, wedding transportation, photographers,  invitations, DJ`s, and decorators.

If you click any of the links in the previous paragraph or in the categories in the right sidebar it will bring you to the category page. The first page will list local providers and the second one will share  helpful articles pertaining to that category. And anytime you want to come back to this page click here: HOME

Shop local, shop Timmins… Timmins businesses are professional and ready to help make your wedding dreams come true!

In addition to a wealth of wedding articles that will help you in your wedding decisions, this site provides tools to help you plan your most special event. From a floral wedding planner to a 12 month wedding countdown checklist timeline schedule, a wedding day quick contact list, your wedding day emergency kit checklist, and more…

So come on in and come back soon to browse through Weddings Timmins….

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Have you ever considered making your own wedding bouquets? Sure, they are more work than simply ordering them from your local florist! But maybe the advantages of DIY Wedding Bouquets outweigh the sweat labor for you? The savings in cash and the pride of accomplishment perhaps have drawn you to look into making your own wedding bouquets. If you are wanting to make your own wedding bouquets, perhaps this infographic from Simply Bridal can guide you along…

DIY Bouquet lt

If you are planning a wedding, you have probably already figured out that the cost of your venue is one of the highest costs to getting married. How can you possibly choose on the perfect venue that is right for you? Do you just pick the cheapest one locally or do you escape to a foreign destination ? Catering wedding, destination wedding, outdoor wedding or combination wedding..which is right for you? Take the quiz that the folks at simplybridal.com have composed for us and find out.

Venue Selection Flowchart

Valentine`s Day is just around the corner and so we present for your enjoyment an introduction to kissing including Kissing Etiquette! This infographic is brought to you by the creative minds at Simply Bridal.

Happy Valentine`s Day & Happy Kissing:)

Vday - The KISS


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