Tis the season…for engagements. Every year women all over dream of getting a proposal for Christmas…

And more often than you would think, their wish comes true! Actually, 39% of all couples get engaged between November

and February. Here is a fun infographic about Holiday Time Engagements by http://www.SimplyBridal.com



Pet friendly weddings are the new craze, gaining popularity worldwide.

The idea is, You wouldn’t leave your child at home on your special day, right?

Then why leave the pug?

Including a fuzzy pal, requires a bit of planning.

SimplyBridal has gone ahead and done the brainstorming for you, consider these 8 steps and you are set!

Pets at Weddings

Veils have been a long time tradition as headwear for the official wedding ceremony. Though some modern day brides have decided to throw out the traditional thinking of the past, and go for a more modern or bohemian look. Other’s want the traditional look but want a little more personality to it. In the end it is the most special day of the brides life and shouldn’t she feel like a princess? Why not add a tiara to the top of your hair, or channel in some Gatsby by going with a feathered headband or a Juliet cap.

Bridesmaids on the other hand don’t have the opportunity to wear a veil as a headpiece, but that doesn’t leave them without options. Have your hairdresser add in some modern hairpins, or even a headband with rhinestones or lace (depending on the theme of the wedding). Don’t fret, SimplyBridal’s newest infographic is a quick introduction on popular styles and will help you figure out which headpiece is right for you.




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