Are you planning on changing your last name to your new husband`s? You don`t have to in this modern day and age. You can choose to keep your own last name as a married woman. You can also choose to hyphenate both last names. If you do decide to change your last name, there are many things to think about and so we`ve attached an infographic detailing the steps you will need to take to officially change your name. This information comes to you courtesy of and so it comes from the States….keep that in mind when viewing the information, for example, our id is social insurance number not social security.

So the wedding is over, phew… time to relax! Oh wait, but don’t forgot you’ve just gone from Miss to Mrs. It’s time to change your last name, there are so many important documents with your name on it that will need altering. Make sure you have your Marriage Certificate before trying to make any leeway with any of the steps below. One really important factor before changing your identification (drivers license or passport) is to make sure you wait until after your honeymoon or preplanned trips before changing these docs. If you change it before your trip, the name on the official travel document and your identification won’t match.




Featured Certified Myomassology Massage Practitioner in Timmins-

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Want to feel relaxed and pain free for your wedding?

If you are looking to feel relaxed and limber with no bodily pains and aches on your wedding day, you may want to consider getting one or many myomassology sessions before the big day. In addition to being deeply healing, myomassology is a great stress relief and can be ideal to relieve jittery nerves on the morning of the wedding day.


Meet the Myomassologist:

Christiane Lagacé is a Certified Myomassology Practitioner who followed her passion and is now bringing holistic healing to clients seeking relief from  bodily pains and aches.

Certified with the Canadian Examination Board of Health Care Practitioners (CMP), she offers in home services as well as mobile services.

If you are getting married, you can hire her to come to your location on the morning of the wedding to offer pain and stress relief to the girls as they are getting prepared to look radiant on the big day. Brides and bridesmaids can look and feel their best with the luxury of an on site massage at an affordable price.

Myomassology Benefits:massagegirl

  • Soreness, tension and stiffness
  • Posture/ Body Alignment
  • Skin Tone & Circulation
  • Stress (calms the nervous system)
  • Muscular & Joint Pains
  • Toxicity (cleanses the body of wastes and toxic debris)
  • Sore Knees
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Sciatica***(Myomassology is excellent for sciatica!)
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Helps the body to restore and heal itself.

Price List: Click Here   *Receipts available

Top 5 Questions about Myomassology Massage

massageroom1) What is myomassology?

Myomassology means the practice of muscle massage. This form of massage integrates Eastern therapies, various massage techniques and muscle release therapy. Myomassology is all about getting deep into the muscles to get rid of tension, knots and pain in the body.

2) What is the difference between Swedish massage and Myomassology massage?

Whereas Swedish massage is only one form of massage designed to relax the body and relieve stress, myomassology combines a variety of techniques including ancient forms and new techniques to allow for a holistic, full range treatment. It is practiced with the intention of bringing healing and balance to the entire body, mind and spirit. You get the best of all the techniques and therapies that the massage world offers.

3- Why is myomassology considered to be a holistic treatment?

Myomassologists design treatment programs that are unique to each client`s needs. Each individual is unique and so every treatment protocol is custom tailored to each client. Myomassology helps clients adopt a positive way to balance energy to obtain a peaceful and pain-free life.

4- I`ve heard that there is fire used in myomassology, is that safe?

Fire cupping is a wonderful addition to myomassology treatments for deep tissue massage. If you have a knot in your back or shoulders that just won`t come out and has been lingering for too long, fire cupping can be your salvation. Used upon the discretion of the certified myomassologist, this technique acts as a type of acupressure that works on the acupuncture points on the body. Fire cupping is done gently and safely in a controlled environment to promote stress relief and relaxation. Although your skin will be pinkish for3-7 days after the treatment, you will only feel relief and no more pain.




Read some testimonials here attesting to Christiane`s professionalism and healing hands.






What are the benefits of going to a private home business for a massage?

1) Not having to wait for your appointment.
2) Quiet atmosphere
3) Cozy
4) Not as expensive since there is no overhead to pay.

Providing the Best in Deep Tissue and Relaxing Massage

Contact Christiane Lagacé,  C.M.P. beachmassage

Call: 705-288-5630

Hours of Operation: Click Here

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Who Can Benefit From Myomassology?
By Morgan Turley

Myomassology is a manual manipulation therapy that is designed to treat various physical problems with the use of many of the different massage disciplines that are popularly used for their health benefits and magnificent results when used to address specific health issues.

In general, Myomassology is a massage therapy that is done in accordance to the needs of the client more than to its standard procedure as it uses more than one technique as treatment. Hands-on methods such as acupressure, reflexology, and Swedish massage are few of the most utilized techniques in a Myomassology therapy session.

The seniors, a group of people who are after a relaxing and energizing treatment finds Swedish massage techniques as one of the most suitable treatment due to the gentle approach and calming effect of the massage therapy. The medical care are done in such a way that it will not do harm to the fragile physical body of the old-aged client who are prone to receiving negative effects when performed in the wrong way.

Pregnancy is always a delicate condition where a woman is bearing a child and needs to be extra careful even when wanting to have a natural medical care due to the contraindications included with each technique. In Myomassology however there are techniques that can be used even when in this fragile condition. Delicate and light touch techniques are used to satisfy and address the medical needs of expectant mothers.

Athletes are also people who can gain from the use of various treatment techniques as they can receive deep tissue massage therapy and other methods for relieving pain and optimizing the body’s performance level. Overstressing the joints, muscle tissues, and other essential parts of the human body are the common problems of an active person regardless of being an athlete or plain active.

Anyone who wishes to test or add the therapy into their regular medical care are greatly welcomed with open arms as they can choose which one will fit their needs and have less risks on their medical condition. Even those who have no problems at all can also enjoy the therapy as a relaxing and luxurious method without the use of drugs and medical equipments.

If you are into a complete therapy where you can combine and get the best out of each treatment, then this type of therapy is the perfect one for you. However, I would suggest that you check out and consult with your doctor before setting out in a natural treatment session to make sure that what you’re into is the real deal and does not compromise your health.

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Article Source:  Who Can Benefit From Myomassology?






Perfect skin, you’re either born with it or it’s photo shopped in. Most of us fall in the second category, but it doesn’t help to take a few precautionary steps to make our natural completion the best it can be for that special day. The well-known bridal glow doesn’t come easy that’s for sure! It takes planning and execution. Keep this infographic by SimplyBridal handy.

Here are 10 things to start thinking about right now.

Skin Care

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